Exhibition catalog and branding for Klimt's Golden Paradise. 

Klimt's Golden Paradise is an exhibition catalog that dives inside Klimt's mind to understand his painting process. With works like The Kiss, Mother and Child, Goldfish, and more, we get to learn how and why Klimt made his important painting choices that helped shape the future of art history.


Design an exhibition catalog for Klimt's exhibition. 


Klimt's artwork suggests a sense of transcendence. With this in mind, I wanted the reader to feel as if they were in the artwork itself by bringing some of Klimt's most iconic elements but keeping it simple enough to not take away from the information. The actual paper itself has small particles that resemble the gold leaf which is seen in a lot of Klimt's work. 

Logo Concept

The lettermark is meant to be simple to contrast Klimt's often flamboyant work. The gold tones were taken from his most famous artworks. 

Here are your tickets. Enjoy

Welcome to the Gustav Klimt Exhibition

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Gustav Klimt

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt is one of history's most important artists from the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is better known for his erotic portraits of women, allegorical gardens, and rich gold leaf surrounding his figures. Many of these pieces are on display in the Vienna Secession gallery.

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After the exebition, merch will be available 

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