Brand Identity for Media Chica,
a Latinitas Program

Latinitas is a non-profit organization committed to teaching girls to use innovative tools such as media and technology to empower themselves and others. Media Chica is one of their most successful programs and is hosted alongside SXSW. This program is designed for girls from grades 8-12 and teaches them how to use different media platforms to practice their reporting and interviewing skills. 


Create a brand identity that will encourage parents, guardians, and their young daughters to expand their journalism skills by attending Media Chica at SXSW 2020.


Media Chica is creating the next generation of journalists. From this, I drew inspiration for the brand identity to create a fun and contemporary look and gain recognition for the craft. 

Logo Concept

A Journalist's strongest tool is communication as it is their way of spreading information among the masses using various forms of media. With this in mind, I wanted the logo to be influenced by talking bubbles, to look like an exchange of information is taking place. 


Adding icons to this brand will help Media Chicas come off more fun and personal.  The icons were inspired by a Journalist's essentials and maintain a sketchy look to support the personal aspect of this system. Adding eye-catching and organic shapes to the icons will help balance the brand and will help to stand out at SXSW.

media postcard.jpg
media chica badges.jpg

"I spend my days covering stories where you can't change what's happened... But we can change the outcome for these young women who have the potential to be great"

                                                           Soledad O'Brien

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The girls are able to sit down with professionals who can teach them the ins and outs of media journalism. 

The "Chicas" are encouraged to think outside the box to help them exceed in their journey to being future Media Chicas.

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