Brand Identity, UX/UI, and Animation for Design and Culture

The core of culture and its values are translated through symbols and other communication behaviors in which we see graphic design playing a major role, as it uses visual elements to communicate certain ideas and emotions to a greater audience. The convention will address how graphic design influences the lifestyle of people all over the world as well as how culture influences design.


When the concept for the convention was finalized, I wanted to create a system that incorporated design elements from the cultures that will be covered at the event. 


The convention will focus on three cultures - Japanese, Mexican, and Indian. This direction helped create three different design elements that will go on all the posters, badges, videos, and more.

Logo Concept

I wanted a Lettermark that was inspired by the world map. I played with the type and had it fill North America, South America, and Africa. I then flipped the type, giving me the final Lettermark. 


Patterns were designed to reflect each culture.

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