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Editorial and Photography for the Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel is considered to be one of the most popular locations for well-established figures in and around the area. Politicians, celebrities, and more. Driskill himself truly loved the luxurious hotel that he created in Austin, Texas. After his passing, many believed the hotel was haunted by his spirit as they would smell the cigar he would smoke around the hotel. After his death, there were a few incidents that contribute to the Driskill's haunted history.


Design an editorial that will carry the same mood as the haunted history of the Driskill Hotel and have each spread tell its own story through it's design.


A lot of guests claim they hear voices in their rooms and hallways. I wanted to play with that and have type be one of the main elements in this design to imply that beneath the surface there is a sinister unspoken past. 

Logo Concept

The logotype mimics the structure of the Driskill Hotel, having each line of text represent floors. The message behind it represents the complex eerie history that lies within.  


On this page, we focus on Jessie Driskill and his road to opening his hotel. The grand opening immediately caught the eye of people in power and was labeled as one of the finest hotels in the country.




Somewhere along the line, guests staying at the Driskill began reporting unexplainable experiences, such as footsteps in their empty hallway and laughs in the rooms they were staying in.




After all the stories of the haunted hotel,

I was curious to hear what the people 

who were there most had to say; the employees.

I spoke with some staff from the front desk and this page focuses on their experiences.




Two young women who were on their honeymoon in the hotel twenty years apart took their own lives in the bathroom. Guests of the hotel report sightings of a ghost bride, who is reportedly seen wearing her wedding gown while wandering the halls of the fourth floor.

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