Branding for Mayanas

Mayanas is owned by the Coronado family. It offers the most extensive line of fresh fruits available and is the only fresh-cut provider in Hutto, Texas. Our savory fruit blends offer a delicious way to add fresh ingredients to your diet. Mayanas is also the only fruit cup shop that roots back to the Mayan culture, as they were the first civilization to cultivate pineapples and many other fruits.


Create a brand for a fruit cup business that is set to open up in Hutto, Texas. Being that all fruit cup businesses in the Austin area are usually underdeveloped, Mayanas' goal is to set themselves apart by appearing established, welcoming, and ready for business. 


During our research, we discovered Mayans were the first civilization to cultivate pineapples and many other fruit. Mayanas wants customers to feel like they are getting the most authentic fruit cup so we decided to use a carved out pineapple as the main cup in which fruit will be added inside.

Logo Concept

The logo was inspired by Mayan patterns most often see on pyramids and calendars. 

mayanas yellow logo.png


The design for the icons were inspired by the geometric shapes within the Mayan culture. 

mayanas business cards.jpg
mayanas rewards.jpg
Mayanas App

The app will allow users to create an account to place orders, earn rewards, and select pickup times.

mayans order.jpg
mayanas app.jpg
mayanas confirmed.jpg
Root back to Mayan culture 

The store will offer merch that will incorporate the geometric icons from the branding system. 

mayanas tshirt.jpg
mayanas poster.jpg
mayanas tote.jpg
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